The Rich Tart

Add a twist to your traditional chocolate milkshake with the addition of milk tart! Deliciously creamy and decadent.





Combine the egg, cornflour, Carte D'Or Custard Powder, vanilla essence and 100 ml milk.

Bring 400 ml milk to the boil. Once boiling, whisk the egg mix into the hot milk and cook on medium heat for 10 minutes.

Pour into a bowl, dust with cinnamon and leave to set.

Use the Carte D'Or Chocolate Flavoured Milkshake Syrup, ice cream and milk to prepare 300 ml chocolate milkshake following the on-pack directions.

Add 200 g of the milk tart mix to the prepared chocolate milkshake and mix.

Garnish with mini milk tarts, whipped cream and malted chocolate puffs.